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How to Change a Password on ZyXEL

Changing the password on a ZyXEL router (or other ZyXEL devices) requires you to access the device’s web interface. Here are the general steps to change the password on a ZyXEL router:

  1. Access the Web Interface:
    • Open a web browser on a device connected to the ZyXEL router’s network.
    • In the address bar, type the router’s IP address. Common addresses for ZyXEL routers include or If neither of these work, you might need to check your router’s manual or the label on the back of the device for the correct IP.
    • Press Enter.
  2. Login:
    • You’ll be prompted for a username and password. The default login credentials for most ZyXEL devices are:
      • Username: admin
      • Password: 1234
    • If these don’t work, it means they might have been changed. If you can’t remember the custom credentials, you may have to reset the router to its factory defaults.
  3. Navigate to Password Settings:
    • Once you’re logged in, the exact navigation can vary based on the router model and firmware version. However, you’ll typically look for an ‘Administration’, ‘System’, or ‘Management’ section.
    • Within this section, there should be an option related to ‘Password’ or ‘Change Password’.
  4. Change the Password:
    • Enter your current password in the respective field.
    • Enter your new desired password in the respective field.
    • Confirm your new password by typing it again in the next field.
    • Save or apply the changes.
  5. Reconnect Devices:
    • If you change the password for your Wi-Fi network (as opposed to just the router admin password), you’ll need to reconnect any devices using the new password.
  6. Log Out and Test:
    • After changing the password, log out of the router interface.
    • Try logging back in using the new password to ensure it was successfully changed.


  • For security reasons, always choose a strong password that’s hard for others to guess. It should include a combination of letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and special characters.

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