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How to Change a Network Name in Windows 11

If you’re connected to multiple network connections, you’ve probably run into the issue of confusing them. This is due to the default renaming style used on Windows. Instead of having Network 1 and Network 2, you can rename the connections to something that’s more immediately recognizable.

Windows 11 features some options to change the name of your network connections. The good news is that you don’t need some third-party tools. There are different methods used depending on your preference or whether you’re dealing with your home computer or the PC in a corporate environment. Check out the following guide that explains in detail how to give different names to your network connections in Windows 11.

Method 1 – Use Windows Settings

1. Open Network & Internet Settings

This can be done quickly by right-clicking your current connection’s icon on the toolbar and selecting the correct option. Alternatively, open up the search bar and find Settings > Network & Internet.

2. Look for “Advanced Network Settings”

There are multiple network settings available but the renaming feature is found in the “Advanced network settings” tab.

3. Rename all Your Network Names

Now that you can see all your network connections, you can easily select the ones whose names need to be changed. There’s a rename button that becomes available when expanding the details of each connection on the PC.

Method 2 – Use the Control Panel

Although Windows 11 comes with some interface changes, some older aspects are left unchanged. You can rename network names through the Control Panel, similarly to how it’s done in older Windows versions.

1. Open Control Panel by Using the Search Box

2. Pick Network and Sharing Center From the List of Options

3. Select “Change Adapter Settings”

4. Change the Name of any Available Network Connection by Right-Clicking on it and Choosing “Rename”

Method 3 – Use the Registry Editor

If you’re a Windows 11 administrator or a more advanced user, you can quickly change a network name by making registry edits. This is not the recommended method for most users because it’s a bit more complicated. Make sure you follow these steps correctly to prevent any unwanted issues from appearing on your machine. Before changing things in the registry, it’s highly recommended to back it up.

1. Open Registry Editor Using the Search Box

2. Find This Specific Registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > Network

3. Look Through the First Key to Find the Corresponding Keys for Your Network Connections

4. Keep Expanding it Until you Find “Connection” Beneath it

5. Check the Right Side for Information Regarding the Network Name

You will be able to figure out which key refers to which particular network adapter. The “Data” column shows the name of the connection while the “Name” column can be used for the renaming.

6. Rename the Connection

Go ahead and expand all the keys until you find the specific ones corresponding to all the networks whose name needs to be changed. To rename a specific network, double-click “Name” on the “Name” column. Remember to click OK to save your change.

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