How to Change the Aspect Ratio Without a Remote on a Sharp TV

Changing the aspect ratio on a Sharp TV without a remote control can be a bit tricky, but most modern TVs provide buttons on the side or bottom of the unit that can navigate the on-screen menus. Here’s a general method you can try:

  1. Locate Physical Buttons: Find the physical buttons on the TV. Usually, there will be buttons like “Menu,” “Volume Up/Down,” “Channel Up/Down,” and “Input” or “Source.”
  2. Access the Menu:
    • Press the “Menu” button to open the TV’s on-screen menu. If there isn’t a “Menu” button, pressing and holding some other buttons, like “Volume Up” or “Volume Down,” might open the menu.
  3. Navigate the Menu:
    • Use the “Channel Up/Down” buttons to scroll through menu options vertically.
    • Use the “Volume Up/Down” buttons to scroll through options horizontally or to change settings.
  4. Find Aspect Ratio Settings:
    • Navigate to a section that might have the aspect ratio settings. It might be under “Picture,” “Display,” “Screen,” or similar wording.
  5. Change the Aspect Ratio:
    • Once you find the aspect ratio or picture size setting, use the “Volume Up/Down” buttons (or whichever buttons change settings) to adjust the aspect ratio to your preferred setting.
  6. Exit the Menu: Once you’ve made the changes, press the “Menu” button again or find an “Exit” or “Back” option to leave the menu and see your changes in effect.

Please note that the exact steps and the names of the menu options might differ based on the model of your Sharp TV. If the above method doesn’t work, it would be best to refer to the user manual of your specific Sharp TV model or contact Sharp’s customer support for guidance.

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