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How to Change the Name in an AT&T Wireless Account

To change the name on an AT&T wireless account, you’ll generally need to contact AT&T customer service directly because name changes can involve identity verification and potential contractual issues. This is especially true if the change is due to marriage, divorce, legal name change, or transfer of billing responsibility.

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to do this:

Online Method:

  1. Access Your Account:
    • Go to the AT&T website and log into your account.
  2. Chat with Support:
    • Look for a chat option to speak with an AT&T representative online. The live chat feature can be helpful for simple inquiries or initiating the name change process.

Phone Method:

  1. Call Customer Service:
    • Dial 611 from your AT&T mobile phone or call the AT&T customer service number: 1-800-331-0500.
  2. Verify Your Identity:
    • Be prepared to answer security questions to verify that you are the account holder or an authorized user.
  3. Request a Name Change:
    • Explain to the representative that you need to change the name on your wireless account. Provide the reason for the change (e.g., marriage, divorce, legal name change).
  4. Provide Documentation:
    • The representative may require you to email or fax legal documentation that supports your name change request, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order.

Store Method:

  1. Visit an AT&T Store:
    • Visit your local AT&T store in person for assistance. Bring any necessary documents with you (e.g., government-issued ID, marriage certificate, etc.).
  2. Speak to a Representative:
    • Explain your situation to the store representative and provide the necessary documentation.
  3. Complete the Name Change:
    • They will assist you in changing the name on your account after verifying your identity and reviewing your documents.

Transfer of Billing Responsibility:

If you’re looking to change the name on the account because you’re transferring the responsibility to another person, AT&T offers a process called “Transfer of Billing Responsibility” which can be initiated online:

  1. Initiate Transfer of Billing Responsibility:
    • The current account holder can start the process online by logging into their account and selecting the option for transferring billing responsibility.
  2. Accept the Transfer:
    • The person who will be taking over the account will need to accept the transfer and pass a credit evaluation.
  3. Complete the Process:
    • Follow the instructions provided by AT&T to complete the transfer. Both parties may need to be in contact with AT&T during this process.

In all cases, be sure you are clear about the name change details to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Additionally, if there are any service contracts or installment plans associated with the account, these may need to be addressed during the name change process.

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