How to Check AT&T Landline Voice Mail

To check your AT&T landline voicemail, you can do so from your home phone or from another phone. Here’s how you can access your voicemail in both scenarios:

Checking Voicemail from Your AT&T Home Phone

  1. Dial Your Voicemail Number: This is usually done by pressing the voicemail button on your phone or dialing your own phone number from your home phone. In some areas, you may need to dial *98.
  2. Enter Your Voicemail Pin: After calling your voicemail, you’ll be prompted to enter your pin or password. This is a code you would have set up when you first started the service.
  3. Listen to Your Messages: Once you’ve entered your pin, you’ll be able to listen to any voicemail messages that have been left for you. The voicemail system will guide you through the options to play, save, delete, or respond to each message.

Checking Voicemail from Another Phone

  1. Dial Your Home Number: Call your home phone number from any other phone.
  2. Interrupt the Greeting: While your voicemail greeting is playing, interrupt it by pressing the * key on your phone’s keypad.
  3. Enter Your Voicemail Pin: You will be prompted to enter your voicemail pin or password.
  4. Access Your Messages: After entering the pin, you can access and listen to your messages, following the same steps as if you were using your home phone.

Additional Tips

  • Voicemail Setup: If you haven’t set up your voicemail service yet, you will typically be prompted to do so the first time you access it from your home phone. You’ll choose a pin and record a greeting.
  • Voicemail Notification: Some AT&T landline phones have a visual indicator, like a blinking light, to show that you have new voicemail messages.
  • voicemail Management: The voicemail system will provide you with options to save or delete messages after you’ve listened to them. It may also offer options to reply to or forward messages, depending on your service.
  • Customer Service: If you encounter any issues or have forgotten your voicemail pin, you may need to contact AT&T customer service for assistance.
  • Online Access: Depending on your AT&T service, you might also have the option to check your voicemail online through AT&T’s website or a mobile app.

Remember that specific instructions can vary slightly depending on your location and the type of AT&T service you have, so if these steps don’t work, it’s a good idea to consult the documentation provided by AT&T or their customer support.

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