How to Connect Two TVs to One Satellite Box

Connecting two TVs to a single satellite box allows you to view the same channel on both TVs simultaneously. However, you won’t be able to watch different channels on each TV at the same time unless you have a dual-tuner satellite box or two separate boxes. Here are some methods to connect two TVs to one satellite box:

1. HDMI Splitter:

An HDMI splitter takes an input signal from the satellite box and outputs it to multiple displays.

  1. Purchase an HDMI Splitter: Ensure that it has at least two outputs.
  2. Connect the Satellite Box to the Splitter: Use an HDMI cable to connect the satellite box’s HDMI output to the HDMI splitter’s input.
  3. Connect the TVs to the Splitter: Use two HDMI cables to connect each of the splitter’s outputs to the HDMI inputs on your TVs.
  4. Power on Everything: Turn on the satellite box, TVs, and the HDMI splitter.

2. Coaxial Cable (RF Out):

Some satellite boxes have an RF Out (Radio Frequency) port which can be used for this purpose, especially for older TV models.

  1. Connect Satellite Box to the First TV: Use an HDMI cable or appropriate cables to connect the satellite box to the first TV.
  2. Connect a Coaxial Cable: Attach one end of a coaxial cable to the RF Out port on the satellite box.
  3. Install an RF Modulator (if needed): If the second TV does not have a coaxial input, you’ll need an RF modulator. Connect the coaxial cable to the modulator, then use the appropriate cables (e.g., composite) to connect the modulator to the TV.
  4. Tune the Second TV: Depending on the TV and the satellite box, you might need to tune the second TV to a specific channel (often channel 3 or 4) to view the satellite feed.

3. Other Outputs:

If the satellite box has multiple types of outputs (e.g., HDMI, composite, component), you can connect one TV using HDMI and the other using another type of output.


  • Signal quality might degrade when splitting the signal, especially over long distances. Using high-quality cables and splitters can help mitigate this.
  • Both TVs will show the same content.

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