How to Connect Xbox X Controller to MacBook Pro

Connecting an Xbox Series X controller to a MacBook Pro involves a few steps. macOS started offering better native support for Xbox controllers. Here’s how to connect your Xbox Series X (or Series S) controller to a MacBook Pro:

Wireless Connection via Bluetooth:

  1. Prepare the Controller:
    • Turn on your Xbox Series X controller by pressing the Xbox button.
    • Press and hold the pairing button (the small circular button at the top of the controller) until the Xbox button starts flashing rapidly. This means the controller is in pairing mode.
  2. Connect via Mac:
    • On your MacBook Pro, go to “System Preferences.”
    • Select “Bluetooth.”
    • The Xbox controller should appear in the list of available devices. Click “Connect” next to the controller’s name.
    • Once connected, the Xbox button on your controller will stay lit.

Wired Connection:

  1. Connect the Controller:
    • Use a USB-C to USB-A cable (or USB-C to USB-C depending on your MacBook’s ports) to connect the Xbox Series X controller to your MacBook Pro.
  2. Automatic Connection:
    • The controller should be automatically recognized by macOS and will be ready to use.

Using the Controller with Games & Apps:

  • While macOS does support the Xbox Series X controller natively, individual games or applications might have varied levels of support. Some might work perfectly out of the box, while others might require you to remap controls or use third-party software to get the best experience.
  • If you want to customize the controller’s behavior or use it with games that don’t natively support it, you might consider third-party software like “ControllerMate” or “Enjoyable,” though compatibility and features can vary.

Remember to always ensure your macOS is up-to-date for the best hardware compatibility and performance.

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