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How to Find an IP Address in Command Prompt

The Internet Protocol (IP) address is an important piece of information to know because it’s used to identify a device on the local or global network. Every computer connected to the Internet has an assigned IP address. It’s not usually necessary for the user to know this address so it often takes a bit of extra digging to find it if you require it.

Whether you’re struggling with Internet issues or want to tackle some sort of network configuration task, finding out the IP address of your device could be useful. The process is quite straightforward and involves of use of the Command Prompt tool.

1. Type “cmd” in the search bar

2. Open Command Prompt

3. Use the “ipconfig” command and press Enter

4. Look next to IPv4 Address to discover your IP address

5. Type “ipconfig /all” for more info

While most users only need the IP address alone, it can come in handy to get more details about your network. This command provides additional information about the hostname, adapter details, and more. Keep in mind that this is the local IP address. The public one is different and usually not relevant to know.

If you want to know the computer’s public IP address, your best bet is to visit a website like that shows it instantaneously.

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