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Solved: How to Fix the Error DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET?

So, we’re chillin’ with our computer and bam! The error “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET” appears on our browser, thwarting our internet surfing. No worries! I’m here, and we’re going to troubleshoot this together, step by step.

Step 1: Basic Checks

First, I’d check to make sure we’re connected to the internet. A quick glance at the network icon (bottom-right on the taskbar) will tell us that. If there’s a tiny warning triangle or no connection, I’d ensure the Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable is properly connected.

Step 2: Quick Restart

Before we delve deeper, I’d suggest a quick restart of both our computer and router. Sometimes, this simple act can clear out any minor network hiccups.

Step 3: DNS Flush and Renew

Let’s clear the old DNS cache and renew our IP.

  • I’d hit Windows + X and click on “Windows PowerShell (Admin)”.
  • In the console, I’d type:
    ipconfig /flushdns

    and hit Enter to flush the DNS.

  • Next, I’d type:
    ipconfig /renew

    and hit Enter to renew our IP address.

Step 4: DNS Change

If flushing didn’t do the trick, let’s try using another DNS server, like Google’s.

  • I’d guide us to “Control Panel” > “Network and Sharing Center” > “Change adapter settings”.
  • Then, I’d right-click on our connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and choose “Properties”.
  • I’d click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and then “Properties”.
  • We’d switch to “Use the following DNS server addresses” and enter as the preferred and as the alternate DNS server.
  • I’d click “OK” to save and exit.

Step 5: Disable VPN/Proxy

If we’re using a VPN or proxy, it might be causing the issue. I’d temporarily disable it to check if the error persists without it.

Step 6: Browser Reset

Sometimes, the browser settings could be the culprit.

  • I’d go into our browser settings and look for a “reset” or “restore settings to their original defaults” option.
  • After the reset, I’d restart the browser and check if the error is resolved.

Step 7: Network Reset

Still no luck? Let’s try a complete network reset.

  • I’d go to “Settings” > “Network & Internet” > “Status”.
  • Scroll down, and I’d click on “Network reset”.
  • I’d click “Reset now”, and after the reset, our computer will restart.

Step 8: Check Firewall and Antivirus

Our firewall or antivirus might be blocking our internet access. I’d temporarily disable it to check. If the internet works without it, we might need to add an exception for our browser or consider using a different security program.

Step 9: Update Network Driver

Outdated network drivers might be the issue.

And voilà! Hopefully, by this step, we’ve managed to vanquish that DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET error, and we’re back to enjoying our internet adventures.

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