How to Insert Cantonese Characters Into Google Docs

Inserting Cantonese characters into Google Docs involves using an input method that supports Cantonese pronunciation. Since Cantonese uses traditional Chinese characters, you’ll typically need to set up a traditional Chinese input method with support for Cantonese phonetics, such as Jyutping or Cangjie. Here’s how you can do this on various platforms:

For Windows 10 and Later:

  1. Add Traditional Chinese Input Method:
    • Go to Settings > Time & Language > Language.
    • Click Add a language.
    • Search for Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong SAR) or Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) and add it.
    • Once added, click on the language pack and select Options to install any additional language features, such as the Hong Kong SAR keyboard which supports Cangjie and Quick input methods, both of which can be used for Cantonese.
  2. Switch to the Traditional Chinese Input Method:
    • Use the language icon in the taskbar to switch to the traditional Chinese input method when you are ready to type in Google Docs.

For macOS:

  1. Add a Cantonese Input Source:
    • Go to System Preferences > Keyboard.
    • Click on the Input Sources tab and then the + button.
    • Add Chinese, Traditional (Hong Kong) - Cangjie, Chinese, Traditional (Hong Kong) - Handwriting, or any other input method that suits your typing style.
  2. Use the Input Menu:
    • Make sure “Show Input menu in menu bar” is checked to easily switch between languages.

Typing in Google Docs:

  1. Open Google Docs:
    • Open Google Docs in your web browser and go to a new or existing document.
  2. Change Input Language:
    • Change the input language on your operating system to Traditional Chinese with the preferred method (Cangjie, Quick, or Stroke for Hong Kong SAR keyboards).
  3. Start Typing in Cantonese:
    • Begin typing with the selected input method. With methods like Cangjie or Quick, you will type using keyboard shortcuts that correspond to the components of the characters.
    • If you’re using Jyutping, type the pronunciation of the word, and select the correct characters from the suggestions.

Using Google Input Tools:

Google Input Tools also offers an extension for Chrome that allows you to easily switch to different input methods while using Google Docs:

  1. Install Google Input Tools:
    • Add the Google Input Tools extension to Chrome from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Configure Input Tools:
    • Click on the extension icon in the Chrome toolbar and select Extension Options.
    • Add Chinese (Traditional) input tools that support Cantonese typing.
  3. Type in Cantonese in Google Docs:
    • With the extension active, switch to the traditional Chinese input tool within Google Docs.
    • Type the pronunciation in Jyutping or use the keyboard shortcuts for Cangjie or another method.


  • If you cannot see the Cantonese characters properly, ensure that you are using a font in Google Docs that supports traditional Chinese characters, such as “Noto Sans TC” or “Droid Sans Traditional Chinese”.
  • Remember that the availability of certain input methods can vary based on your operating system version and regional settings.

By following these steps, you should be able to type or insert Cantonese characters into Google Docs using various input methods depending on your comfort and familiarity with each.

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