How To Install OpenWRT On A Linksys Router

OpenWRT is a custom firmware that allows you to unlock additional functionality on your router. Installing it on a Linksys router, or any router, requires careful attention as an incorrect installation can potentially brick your device. Below are the general steps for installing OpenWRT on a Linksys router:


  1. A supported Linksys router.
  2. An Ethernet cable.
  3. The OpenWRT firmware compatible with your Linksys model.


  1. Backup Your Settings: Before you proceed, make sure to back up your router’s current configuration. This will allow you to restore it in case something goes wrong.
  2. Identify Your Router: Determine the exact model of your Linksys router. It’s crucial to use the right firmware for your specific model.
  3. Download the Firmware:
    • Go to the OpenWRT website.
    • Navigate to the “Downloads” section.
    • Find your router model and download the appropriate firmware. Usually, there will be two files: a factory image for first-time installations and a sysupgrade image for updating an already installed OpenWRT.
  4. Connect to Your Router:
  5. Access the Web Interface:
  6. Flash the Firmware:
    • In the Linksys web interface, navigate to the firmware update section.
    • Upload the OpenWRT factory image that you downloaded earlier.
    • Confirm and proceed with the update. This process might take a few minutes. Do not power off the router or interrupt the process as this could brick your device.
  7. Initial OpenWRT Setup:
    • After the installation, the router will reboot.
    • Access the OpenWRT interface by typing in your web browser. The first time you log in, there might not be a password, or it might be ‘admin’.
    • It’s recommended to set a new password for security.
  8. Configure Your Network: Once you’re in, you can configure your Wi-Fi, firewall, and other settings as desired.


  • Always ensure you’re using the correct firmware for your specific router model.
  • Avoid interrupting the firmware flashing process.
  • If you’re unsure about the process, seek guidance from forums or communities that focus on OpenWRT and Linksys devices.

Remember that installing third-party firmware can void your router’s warranty. Always proceed with caution and understand the risks associated with flashing custom firmware.

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