How to Make a 4-Way Call

Making a 4-way call, also known as a conference call, allows you to have a conversation with more than two people at the same time. Both smartphones and landlines can be used for this purpose, and the exact method might vary slightly depending on your service provider and phone model. Here’s how you can generally make a 4-way call on different devices:

On a Smartphone (iOS and Android):

  1. Call the First Participant:
    • Dial the first person you wish to talk to and wait for them to answer.
  2. Add the Second Participant:
    • Once connected, tap the “Add Call” button (it may look like a ‘+’ or ‘Add call’). This will put the first person on hold.
    • Dial the second person’s number. Once they answer, you can merge the calls.
  3. Merge the Calls:
    • Tap the “Merge Calls” button. This will connect all three of you together.
  4. Add the Third Participant:
    • Repeat the above steps to add the fourth person to the call. Tap “Add Call” again, dial the third participant, and then select “Merge Calls” once they answer.

Some carriers may have limitations on the number of callers you can merge. Also, bear in mind that initiating a conference call may be a service that your mobile provider charges extra for, so it’s worth checking your plan first.

On an iPhone Specifically:

  1. Make the First Call:
    • Dial the first participant, and wait for the call to connect.
  2. Add Another Call:
    • Press the “add call” button (a plus icon).
    • Dial the second participant and wait for the call to connect.
  3. Merge Calls:
    • Tap “Merge Calls” to join the two calls into a conference call.
  4. Add More Participants:
    • Repeat the steps to add the third participant by tapping “add call”, dialing the number, and then selecting “Merge Calls” again.

On a Landline:

  1. Call the First Participant:
    • Dial the first person and wait for them to answer.
  2. Flash/Hook:
    • Press the “Flash” or “Hook” button on your phone. This will put the first person on hold.
  3. Call the Next Participant:
    • Dial the second person’s number. When they answer, you can typically merge the calls by pressing “Flash” or “Hook” again.
  4. Add the Fourth Person:
    • To add more people, repeat the steps using the “Flash” or “Hook” button for each new participant.

Using a Conference Call Service:

For more robust conference calling features, especially for business settings, you might use a dedicated conference call service. These services often allow for more participants and can include features such as call scheduling, recording, and participant management.

  1. Set Up a Conference Call Account:
    • Sign up with a conference call service provider.
  2. Schedule a Call:
    • Use the service’s instructions to schedule a call.
  3. Invite Participants:
    • Send the provided number and access code to your three other participants.
  4. Join the Call:
    • At the scheduled time, everyone dials in and enters the access code to join the conference.

Third-Party Apps:

Apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and others are popular for virtual meetings and support multiple participants. You can set up an account with one of these services and create a meeting that others can join.

Making a 4-way call is generally a simple process, but it’s important to ensure that your phone plan supports conference calling, as additional charges may apply depending on your provider and plan. Always test the feature before any critical discussions to make sure it works smoothly with your setup.

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