How to Paginate Using Adobe Acrobat

Pagination in Adobe Acrobat refers to the process of organizing or managing the page numbers in a PDF document. Here’s how to add or manage page numbers using Adobe Acrobat:

Adding Page Numbers

  1. Open the PDF: Start Adobe Acrobat and open the PDF file where you want to add page numbers.
  2. Access the Page Thumbnail Panel: Click on the “Page Thumbnails” icon on the left side to open the page thumbnails panel if it isn’t already open.
  3. Open the Header & Footer Tool:
    • In Adobe Acrobat DC, go to the “Tools” menu, then choose “Edit PDF”. In the secondary toolbar, select “Header & Footer” and then “Add”.
    • In older versions like Adobe Acrobat XI, you might find this option under “Tools” and then “Pages”.
  4. Set the Position and Style:
    • In the dialog box that appears, you can choose the position of the page numbers by selecting one of the six boxes at the top (representing the top and bottom of the page, left, center, or right).
    • You can also set the font, size, and appearance of the page numbers.
  5. Set the Page Numbering Range:
    • If you don’t want to number all pages, you can specify a range of pages to paginate.
    • You can also define the starting number of the pagination.
  6. Preview and Apply:
    • Preview your changes in the dialog box to make sure the numbers appear as you want them to.
    • Click “OK” to apply the page numbers to the pages you’ve specified.
  7. Save the PDF: Once you’re satisfied with the pagination, save the PDF to keep the changes.

Managing Page Numbers

If the document already has page numbers and you want to edit or remove them:

  1. Access Header & Footer: As before, go to the “Edit PDF” toolbar, select “Header & Footer”, then “Update” to modify or “Remove” to delete the page numbers.
  2. Make Adjustments:
    • If updating, you can change the style, position, and range as necessary.
    • If removing, just confirm the action, and the page numbers will be removed.
  3. Save Your Changes: Don’t forget to save the PDF after making any changes.

Additional Pagination Options

Adobe Acrobat also provides additional options such as:

  • Bates Numbering: This is used for legal documents and can be accessed through the “Edit PDF” toolbar. It allows you to add identifiers to documents that are unique for each page.
  • Page Labels: You can also use page labels to name or number pages differently within a document (e.g., i, ii, iii for an introduction and then start with 1, 2, 3, etc.). You can access this through the “Options” menu in the “Page Thumbnails” pane.

Keep in mind that the specific steps can vary slightly depending on your version of Adobe Acrobat. The above steps are generally applicable to the most current versions of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

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