How to Print in Blue Instead of Black

Printing in blue instead of black involves changing the color settings in your document or printer settings. The process can vary depending on the software you’re using to create the document, as well as the printer’s capabilities. Here’s a general guide for different scenarios:

In Document Creation Software (e.g., Microsoft Word, Google Docs):

  1. Text Color:
    • Select the text you want to print.
    • Find the text color option in the menu (usually indicated by a letter “A” with a color bar beneath it).
    • Choose the shade of blue you want, and the text will change to that color in the document.
    • When you print the document, make sure your printer is set to print in color.
  2. Images and Shapes:
    • If you’re working with images or shapes, select them and use the format options to change their color to blue.

In PDF Readers (e.g., Adobe Reader):

  1. Text Color:
    • Editing text color in a PDF is not as straightforward because PDFs are often meant for viewing, not editing.
    • If the PDF allows editing and you have software that can edit PDFs, you can change the text color to blue following similar steps as above.

In Printer Settings:

  1. Color Printing:
    • When you go to print a document, access the printer settings or properties.
    • Look for an option that allows you to choose color printing instead of black & white or grayscale.
    • Ensure you have blue ink if it’s an inkjet printer or that the color cartridge can mix to create blue if it’s a color laser printer.
  2. Printer Software:
    • Some printers come with their own software that might offer advanced color management settings where you can specify color preferences.

Special Printers:

  • Monochrome Printers:
    • If you have a printer that only prints in black (monochrome printer), you won’t be able to print in blue. You would need a color printer.
  • Thermal Printers:
    • Some thermal printers can print in blue, but they require specific blue thermal paper.
  • Ribbon Printers:
    • If you are using a ribbon printer (like some types of dot matrix printers), you would need to replace the black ribbon with a blue one.


  • Ink Availability: Ensure your printer has blue ink if it’s an inkjet or sufficient toner if it’s a laser printer.
  • Color Profiles: Be aware of color profiles and how colors displayed on the screen may differ from printed colors due to monitor and printer color calibrations.
  • Test Page: Print a test page to ensure that the color prints as expected before printing the entire document.

If you provide more specific information about the type of document you’re trying to print (and from which program), or the type of printer you’re using, I can give more detailed instructions.

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