How to Print on a 5X8 Index Card

Printing on a 5×8 inch index card involves a few steps to ensure that your printer correctly aligns and prints on the card. Here’s a general guide on how to do it:

Preparing to Print

  1. Check Printer Capability: Ensure your printer can handle printing on a 5×8 index card. Most inkjet and laser printers can handle this size, but it’s good to check your printer’s specifications.
  2. Design Your Document:
  3. Load the Index Card:
    • Place the index card in the printer’s paper tray. The way you position the card will depend on how your printer feeds paper. You might need to consult your printer’s manual.
    • Some printers have a special tray or feed slot for non-standard paper sizes like index cards. If so, use that.


  1. Printer Settings:
    • Go to the File menu in your software and click Print.
    • In the print settings, choose your printer.
    • Set the paper type to “Index Card” or a similar setting, if available.
    • Select the correct tray (if your printer has multiple trays).
  2. Print Orientation:
    • Choose between portrait or landscape orientation, depending on your design.
  3. Print Preview:
  4. Print a Test Page:
  5. Print on the Index Card:
    • Once everything is set up correctly, print on the index card.


  • If the index card doesn’t feed properly, check if there’s a manual feed option on your printer.
  • If the print doesn’t align correctly, adjust the position of the index card in the tray or the settings in your print dialogue box.
  • Ensure the index card’s weight and material are suitable for your printer. Some printers might not handle very thick cardstock well.

Additional Tips

  • Printer Manual: Refer to your printer’s manual for specific instructions, as printer models vary in how they handle different paper sizes.
  • Software Templates: Some word processing software like Microsoft Word has templates for index cards which might simplify the process.
  • Ink Smudging: Allow the ink to dry completely before handling the printed card, especially if you’re using an inkjet printer.

By following these steps, you should be able to print on a 5×8 index card using your printer. Make sure to do a test run first to ensure that everything prints correctly.

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