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How to Program Quadratic Equations in Visual Basic

Programming a quadratic equation solver in Visual Basic (VB.NET) involves taking the standard quadratic formula:


and converting it into code. Here’s a basic guide on how to create a quadratic equation solver in VB.NET:

  1. Setup a New Project:
    • Open Visual Studio and create a new VB.NET Windows Forms App project.
    • Design a simple form with three TextBox controls (for a, b, and c coefficients), two Label controls (to display the results), and a Button control (to trigger the calculation).
  2. Write the Code: Double-click the Button control to create its Click event handler and enter the following code:

Private Sub btnSolve_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnSolve.Click
' Declare variables for the coefficients and solutions
Dim a As Double, b As Double, c As Double
Dim discriminant As Double, root1 As Double, root2 As Double

' Get coefficients from TextBoxes
a = Double.Parse(txtA.Text)
b = Double.Parse(txtB.Text)
c = Double.Parse(txtC.Text)

' Calculate the discriminant
discriminant = b * b - 4 * a * c

If discriminant > 0 Then
' Two real and distinct roots
root1 = (-b + Math.Sqrt(discriminant)) / (2 * a)
root2 = (-b - Math.Sqrt(discriminant)) / (2 * a)
lblResult1.Text = "Root 1: " & root1.ToString()
lblResult2.Text = "Root 2: " & root2.ToString()
ElseIf discriminant = 0 Then
' Exactly one real root
root1 = -b / (2 * a)
lblResult1.Text = "Root: " & root1.ToString()
lblResult2.Text = "Only one real root exists."
' No real roots (complex roots)
lblResult1.Text = "No real roots exist."
lblResult2.Text = ""
End If
End Sub

  1. Run the Program:
    • Build and run the program.
    • Input the coefficients for a, b, and c, and click the button to see the roots.

This is a simple example. If you want a more user-friendly application, consider adding error handling (to deal with non-numeric inputs or cases where a is 0) and enhancing the UI to make it clearer and more intuitive.

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