How to Program TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator to Stay Awake

Programming the TI-83 Plus graphing calculator to stay awake, meaning preventing it from automatically shutting off due to inactivity, can be done by creating a small program that keeps the calculator “busy.” Here is a basic method to create such a program:

  1. Turn on your TI-83 Plus and press the PRGM button to enter the program editor.
  2. Create a new program by selecting ‘NEW’ and then ‘Create New’. Give your program a name using the alphanumeric keys.
  3. Enter the following lines into the program:
    :Lbl A
    :Disp ""
    :Goto A

    Here’s what each line does:

    • Lbl A: This creates a label called ‘A’ which we will use as a reference point in the program.
    • Disp "": This command displays an empty string on the screen. It’s a minimal operation that keeps the calculator “busy” without cluttering the screen with text.
    • Goto A: This sends the program back to the label ‘A’, creating an infinite loop.
  4. Exit the program editor by pressing the 2nd button and then MODE to quit.
  5. Run the program by pressing PRGM, selecting the program you just created, and then hitting ENTER.

The calculator will now enter an infinite loop which keeps it “awake” as it continuously executes the loop. To stop the program and allow the calculator to auto shut-off as normal, simply press the ON button to break the loop.

Please be aware that using such a program will drain the calculator’s batteries much faster than normal, as it prevents the calculator from entering its low-power state. It’s generally best to let the calculator sleep as designed when not in use to conserve battery life.

Remember, this is a simple workaround and isn’t an official feature of the TI-83 Plus, so use it judiciously.

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