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How to Program TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator to Stay Awake

Programming the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator to stay awake involves creating a simple program to prevent the calculator from shutting off automatically. Here’s how to create a program that keeps the TI-84 Plus active:

  1. Turn on your TI-84 Plus and press the PRGM button to access the program menu.
  2. Create a new program by pressing the right arrow key to select ‘NEW’, then press ENTER. Give your program a name by typing it in using the alphanumeric keys, then press ENTER again.
  3. Enter the program code by typing the following:
    :While 1

    This code snippet creates an infinite loop, which keeps the calculator from shutting off. Here’s what each part does:

    • While 1: This line starts a loop that will always be true, so it will run indefinitely.
    • End: This marks the end of the loop. Since the condition of the While loop is always true (1), the loop will run continuously.
  4. Save and exit the program editor by pressing the 2nd button followed by MODE (QUIT).
  5. Run the program by pressing PRGM, selecting the name of the program you just created, and pressing ENTER.

The calculator will now run this program indefinitely, which prevents it from sleeping. To stop the program and return the calculator to normal behavior, you can press the ON button to interrupt the program.

Please note that running this program will prevent the calculator from automatically shutting off to save battery power, which will result in the batteries depleting faster than they normally would. It’s usually best to let the calculator sleep as intended when you’re not using it to extend the life of the batteries.

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