10 Ways to Protect the Back of Your Titanium iPhone

The iPhone models with titanium backs are designed to be durable, but like any material, titanium can be prone to scratches or other wear and tear, especially with rough handling. Here’s how you can protect the titanium back on your new iPhone:

1. Use a Protective Case:

  • A case is the most straightforward method to protect the back of your iPhone. When choosing a case, look for one that has a soft microfiber lining to prevent any scratches and a snug fit to avoid dust and debris from entering between the phone and the case.

2. Skin Protectors:

  • Skins are thin adhesive-backed materials that stick directly to your device. They can offer scratch protection without adding much bulk to the iPhone. Brands like dbrand or Slickwraps offer high-quality skins in a variety of textures and designs. Ensure the skin is specifically made for your iPhone model for a perfect fit.

3. Camera Lens Protector:

  • If your main concern is the camera bump, you can also find camera lens protectors made of tempered glass. They are thin and protect the camera lens from scratches.

4. Clean Gently:

  • When cleaning your iPhone, use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Avoid using abrasive materials that might scratch the titanium.

5. Avoid Abrasive Environments:

  • Try to keep your iPhone away from environments with sand, grit, or any other abrasive materials. If you’re at the beach, for example, consider using a zip-lock bag or a waterproof pouch.

6. Screen Protectors:

  • While this mainly helps the front screen, some full-body screen protectors also cover the back. These can be a bit trickier to apply but offer an added layer of protection.

7. Regularly Check for Debris:

  • Even with a case on, small particles like sand or dust can sometimes find their way inside. These particles can act as an abrasive and scratch the back when the phone is jostled. Periodically remove the case and clean any debris to prevent this.

8. Avoid Placing on Rough Surfaces:

  • Always be mindful of where you place your iPhone. Avoid placing it on surfaces that might be gritty or rough.

9. Avoid Mixing with Keys or Coins:

  • If you’re placing your iPhone in a pocket or bag, ensure it’s not in the same compartment as keys, coins, or other items that could scratch it.

10. Use a Pouch or Sleeve:

  • If you prefer not to use a case but still want protection, consider using a pouch or sleeve. This can protect your iPhone when it’s not in use, and you can simply slide it out when you need to use it.

Final Thoughts:

Remember, while titanium is a robust and durable material, no material is entirely immune to potential damage. The best protection combines preventative measures with the right protective accessories. By being mindful of how you handle and store your iPhone, you can keep its titanium back in pristine condition for a longer time.

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