How to Recover MSI Laptop to Factory Settings

Restoring an MSI laptop to its original factory settings will wipe all data from the device, reverting it to its initial state when you first purchased it. Before you proceed, ensure that you’ve backed up all crucial data and files.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to recover an MSI laptop to its original factory settings:

1. Backup Important Data:

Before proceeding, save any files or data you wish to keep onto an external drive, cloud storage, or another safe location.

2. Power Off the Laptop:

Turn off your MSI laptop completely.

3. Access the Recovery Partition:

  • Turn on the laptop.
  • As soon as the laptop starts, repeatedly press the F3 key (some models might use a different key, but F3 is common for MSI laptops). This action will bring you to the MSI Recovery Manager.

4. MSI Recovery Manager:

  • Once in the MSI Recovery Manager, you will see several options.
  • Select “System Recovery” or a similar option that suggests restoring to factory settings.

5. Follow the On-Screen Instructions:

The Recovery Manager will guide you through the process. You’ll be asked to confirm your choice since this action will erase all data on the hard drive.

6. Wait:

The recovery process might take some time. Your laptop will likely restart several times. Ensure you keep the laptop plugged into a power source throughout the process.

7. Initial Setup:

Once the recovery process completes, your laptop will boot up as if it were brand new. You’ll need to go through the initial Windows setup process, choosing your language, setting up a user account, and configuring other initial settings.

After completing the above steps, your MSI laptop should be restored to its original factory settings. Remember, restoring to factory settings means all software, apps, and files you added after purchasing the laptop will be gone

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