How to Send a Text Message From Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail no longer directly supports sending SMS text messages from its email platform. This feature was once part of Yahoo Mail but has since been discontinued. However, if you still need to send a text message and all you have is someone’s email or you’re working from a platform like Yahoo Mail, there are a few workarounds you might consider:

Use Email-to-SMS Gateways

Most cell phone carriers offer an Email-to-SMS gateway feature. This allows you to send an email that the recipient will receive as a text message. To do this, you need to know the recipient’s phone number and their carrier. The general format is [10-digit phone number]@[carrier's gateway].com.

Here’s an example for a number with the fictional carrier “MyCarrier”:

You would replace with the actual domain provided by the recipient’s carrier.

Use a Third-Party Service

There are third-party services and applications that integrate with email platforms and allow you to send text messages. These services often require registration and may charge fees, but they can be a solution if you frequently need to send text messages via email.

Use the Recipient’s Chat or SMS Integration

Some email platforms and devices integrate chat and SMS functionalities (like iMessage for Apple users). If the person you’re trying to contact uses such a service, you can send them a message through that platform, and it will arrive as a text or chat message.

Use Yahoo Mail App Features

Some email applications on smartphones can integrate with the phone’s SMS capabilities. While Yahoo Mail itself doesn’t support sending SMS messages, your phone’s native sharing options might allow you to share an email or its contents via text message.


  • Using Email-to-SMS gateways is dependent on the carrier’s support and may not work with all carriers.
  • Email-to-SMS may incur charges for the recipient, depending on their mobile plan.
  • The third-party services may not be as reliable or secure as sending a message directly from your phone.

If none of these solutions are suitable, the best course of action is to send a text message directly from your mobile phone or through an internet messaging service that the recipient uses. Always ensure that any third-party service you use is reputable and respects privacy and data security standards.

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