How to Turn Off Low Data Mode on iPhone

Step 1: Open the Settings

I’d start by gently tapping the “Settings” icon on the home screen – it’s the one that looks like a gear. We’re looking into adjusting some settings, so this is our starting point!

Step 2: Dive into Cellular/Mobile Data Options

Now, let’s move down to where it says “Cellular” or “Mobile Data” (depending on your region) and I’d give that a tap. This is where all the data usage settings live and we want to ensure our phone isn’t restricting our data use.

Step 3: Find “Low Data Mode”

In the next screen, you’ll see “Cellular Data Options” or “Mobile Data Options”, and I’d tap that next. And here we are, there’s the “Low Data Mode” option, just sitting there with a switch beside it.

Step 4: Toggle Off Low Data Mode

The switch beside “Low Data Mode” is green, indicating that it’s enabled. I’d simply give that a gentle tap. Voila! It turns grey, meaning we’ve successfully turned off Low Data Mode.

Alternative: If We’re On Wi-Fi

If we’re looking to disable Low Data Mode while using Wi-Fi, the steps are almost the same but with a little twist:

  • From the main “Settings”, I’d tap on “Wi-Fi”.
  • Then, tap on the “i” info icon next to the Wi-Fi network we’re connected to.
  • There we have it, the “Low Data Mode” switch. Just a quick tap, turning it from green to grey, and we’ve turned it off!

Step 5: Browsing with Abandon

Now with Low Data Mode turned off, our iPhone won’t try to reduce the amount of data that our apps use, meaning updates, videos, and photos will load without holding back (mind the data charges though!).

And that’s pretty much it! By following these steps, we’ve navigated the intricate settings menu and ensured that Low Data Mode is turned off, giving our apps and services the freedom to utilize data as they please for a seamless user experience!

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