How to Use Double Play on DirecTV

“Double Play” on DirecTV is a feature that allows you to toggle between two live shows without losing your place in either broadcast. This can be handy if you’re trying to keep up with two sports games at once or if you’re watching a live show and want to check in on the news during commercials. Here’s how you can use Double Play on DirecTV:

  1. Tune to a channel: First, tune to one of the two channels you want to switch between using your DirecTV remote.
  2. Activate Double Play: Press the down arrow on your remote. This will activate the Double Play feature.
  3. Select the second channel: Change the channel to the second program you wish to watch. You can now toggle between the two selected channels.
  4. Switch between the two channels: To switch between the two channels you’ve set up for Double Play, you can press the down arrow again. This will swap back and forth between the two channels without having to re-navigate the guide or manually enter the channel numbers each time.
  5. Exiting Double Play: If you want to exit Double Play and stick to one channel, simply select a third channel or press the “Exit” button on your remote. This will take you out of Double Play mode and allow you to continue watching a single channel.
  6. Other considerations:
    • Remember that when you’re in Double Play mode, you can’t use the DVR functions like pause, rewind, or record on both channels simultaneously. You’ll have to exit Double Play to use these functions.
    • Depending on your DirecTV receiver model, the steps might vary slightly, but the general functionality should be the same.

If you’re not able to access Double Play, make sure your DirecTV system supports this feature and that it is properly set up. Some models may not have this feature or may require a specific setup to enable it. If you encounter any issues, you can refer to the DirecTV user manual specific to your receiver model or contact their customer support for assistance.

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