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How to Watch Indonesian Movies and TV Shows in the UK

Watching Indonesian movies and TV shows in the UK can be done through various methods. Here are some options to explore:

  1. Streaming Services: Check international streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. These services often have a selection of Indonesian movies and TV shows, although the availability can vary based on regional rights.
  2. Use a VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can provide access to Indonesian streaming services that are otherwise geo-restricted. Platforms like Viu, iFlix, or HOOQ offer a range of Asian content, including Indonesian shows and movies. Remember, however, that using a VPN might violate the terms of service of some platforms.
  3. YouTube: Some Indonesian movies and TV shows might be available on YouTube, either for free or via a pay-to-view model. Always look for official channels or legitimate sources.
  4. DVDs and Blu-rays: You can look for DVDs or Blu-rays of Indonesian movies and TV shows online. International online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay might offer these for sale with international shipping options.
  5. Indonesian TV Channels Online: Some Indonesian TV channels offer online streaming of their shows. Access might be limited to Indonesian IPs, so you may need a VPN.
  6. Film Festivals: Keep an eye out for film festivals in the UK that showcase international cinema, as these often include Indonesian films.
  7. Satellite and Cable TV Providers: Check if your local satellite or cable TV providers in the UK offer any Indonesian channels or specific Indonesian programming as part of their international packages.
  8. Online Rental or Purchase: Services like Google Play Movies, iTunes, or YouTube might offer Indonesian movies for online rental or purchase.
  9. Social Media and Online Communities: Join social media groups or online forums dedicated to Indonesian expatriates in the UK or fans of Indonesian media. Members of these communities often share information on how and where to find Indonesian movies and TV shows.
  10. Public Libraries: Some public libraries may have a collection of international films and TV shows, including Indonesian content, available for borrowing.
  11. Online Retailers for DVDs and Blu-rays: If you prefer physical copies, online retailers like might offer a selection of Indonesian movies and TV series for purchase or import.
  12. Expatriate Communities and Cultural Events: Indonesian expatriate communities or cultural organizations in the UK might organize movie screenings or cultural events featuring Indonesian films or TV shows.
  13. Check for International Broadcast Rights: Sometimes, Indonesian shows are picked up by international networks or streaming services. Keep an eye on announcements for international broadcasting rights for popular Indonesian series.
  14. Subscription Services with International Content: Some subscription services focus on providing international content, including Asian and Indonesian programming. These platforms might have a selection of Indonesian content.
  15. Ask for Recommendations: Engage in online forums, social media groups, or subreddits related to Indonesian TV and film. Members often share information on where to find specific content and offer recommendations.
  16. Indonesian Cultural Institutions: Indonesian cultural institutions or embassies in the UK might host film screenings, cultural events, or have information on accessing Indonesian content abroad.
  17. Educational Institutions: Some universities or cultural organizations might have access to Indonesian films and documentaries, especially those that are educationally or culturally significant.
  18. Satellite TV Packages: Some satellite TV providers offer packages that include channels from around the world, including Indonesia. These packages might feature Indonesian news, TV shows, and movies.
  19. Indonesian TV and Movie Blogs and Podcasts: Follow blogs and podcasts that focus on Indonesian cinema and television. They can provide updates on new releases and insights into where and how to watch them in the UK.
  20. Video on Demand Services from Indonesian Broadcasters: Indonesian broadcasters might offer video on demand services. While primarily targeting Indonesian audiences, some content might be available internationally or accessible via VPN.
  21. Legal Websites with Free Content: Websites like Pluto TV offer free content and might have channels or selections of movies and TV shows from Indonesia. Availability varies by region.
  22. Contact Indonesian Broadcasters Directly: If you’re looking for a specific show or film, consider reaching out to Indonesian broadcasters or their websites for information on international streaming or broadcasting of their content.
  23. Community Screenings: In areas with a significant Indonesian or Asian community, there might be community-organized film screenings or cultural events showcasing Indonesian cinema.
  24. Use Aggregator Websites: Websites like JustWatch or Reelgood aggregate streaming content and can tell you where a show or movie is available to watch in your region.
  25. Global Indonesian Channels: Look for global versions of Indonesian channels. Some Indonesian channels may have partnerships with international broadcasters, making their content available in the UK.

When using these services, especially those involving a VPN, it’s important to be aware of and comply with the legal and licensing issues involved. The availability of specific Indonesian TV shows and movies in the UK can vary, so it may require some searching to find particular titles.

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