Is Crown Zenith Worth Buying?

“Crown Zenith,” the special set for the Pokémon TCG, is considered a worthwhile investment for collectors and players. It’s particularly notable for its fantastic pull rates, stunning artwork, and a nostalgic selection of cards. The set includes 230 cards, with 160 in the main set and 70 special Galarian Gallery cards showcasing Pokémon in dynamic settings. The pull rates are impressive, with approximately 1 in 2 packs containing an Ultra Rare or better card. This makes the set both enjoyable to open and valuable for collectors.

The set is valued for its rich compilation of cards from various Pokémon TCG expansions, making it an enticing retrospective of the Sword & Shield era. It features popular reprints and new treatments of cards, like Illustration Rare and Special Illustration Rare, which are a significant draw for collectors. Additionally, the set includes valuable Secret Rare VSTARs and premium art Galarian Gallery cards of popular Pokémon like Charizard and Eevee evolutions.

Given its historical significance as a culmination of the Sword & Shield era and its focus on artwork that sets a standard for future sets, Crown Zenith is highly regarded and rated positively by reviewers. It’s considered a historic set and one of the best special sets in the Pokémon TCG history.

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