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The 10 Largest Tech Companies in Colorado

Colorado has witnessed significant growth in the tech sector, especially in cities like Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. Let’s delve into the prominent tech companies based there, considering various criteria such as revenue, influence, and number of employees.

Please note that the employee numbers will be overall figures, i.e., global employee counts, as specific numbers for just their Colorado locations might not be readily available.

  1. Arrow Electronics, Inc.
    • Location: Centennial
    • Focus: Distribution of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions.
    • Employees: 20,100 (global)
  2. DISH Network Corporation
    • Location: Englewood
    • Focus: Direct-broadcast satellite service and satellite television.
    • Employees: 16,000 (global)
  3. Liberty Global, Inc.
    • Location: Denver
    • Focus: International television and broadband.
    • Employees: 20,600 (global)
  4. VMware, Inc.
    • Location: Boulder (additional location)
    • Focus: Cloud computing and virtualization software and services.
    • Employees: 31,000 (global)
  5. Ball Corporation
    • Location: Broomfield
    • Focus: Produces metal packaging for beverage, food, and household products.
    • Employees: 21,500 (global)
  6. Seagate Technology
    • Location: Longmont
    • Focus: Data storage solutions.
    • Employees: 41,000 (global)
  7. Zayo Group Holdings, Inc.
    • Location: Boulder
    • Focus: Communications and network infrastructure services.
    • Employees: 3,500 (global)
  8. SendGrid (Twilio)
    • Location: Denver
    • Focus: Customer communication platform.
    • Employees: 4,500 (Twilio global)
  9. LogRhythm
    • Location: Boulder
    • Focus: Security information and event management.
    • Employees: Approx. 600 (global)
  10. Webroot Inc.
  • Location: Broomfield
  • Focus: Cybersecurity software.
  • Employees: Approx. 500 (before acquisition by Carbonite)

Remember, the tech landscape and the specifics of companies, including employee counts and locations, can change. Always check current data when considering business decisions or research.

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