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The 11 Largest Tech Companies in Texas

Texas has been home to many thriving tech companies, some of which have headquarters or significant operations within the state. Here’s a list of some of the largest tech companies based on various factors like revenue, number of employees, and market capitalization:

  1. Dell Technologies (Headquartered in Round Rock) – A multinational computer technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services.
  2. Texas Instruments (Headquartered in Dallas) – A global semiconductor design & manufacturing company.
  3. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) (Shifted headquarters to Houston) – Provides enterprise IT solutions including storage, servers, and networking products.
  4. AT&T (Headquartered in Dallas) – A telecommunications company, but it has also expanded into media and digital entertainment.
  5. Compaq (Was headquartered in Houston until its merger with HP) – Once a top producer of PCs.
  6. Rackspace Technology (Headquartered in San Antonio) – Provides cloud computing services, including hosting and support.
  7. National Instruments (Headquartered in Austin) – Produces automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software.
  8. DXC Technology (Has significant operations in Plano) – An end-to-end IT services company.
  9. Charles Schwab (Relocated headquarters to Westlake) – Though primarily a financial institution, its tech infrastructure is massive, and it invests heavily in fintech.
  10. Forcepoint (Headquartered in Austin) – A cybersecurity company offering solutions to protect users, data, and networks.
  11. SolarWinds (Headquartered in Austin) – Software developing company

Comparison table:

Rank Company Estimated Valuation (as of 2023) Location Estimated Number of Employees (as of 2023)
1 Dell Technologies $70+ billion Round Rock 150,000+
2 Texas Instruments $150+ billion Dallas 30,000+
3 Hewlett Packard Enterprise $20+ billion Houston 60,000+
4 AT&T $200+ billion Dallas 230,000+
5 Rackspace Technology $5+ billion San Antonio 6,500+
6 National Instruments $7+ billion Austin 7,500+
7 DXC Technology $6+ billion Plano 130,000+
8 Charles Schwab $130+ billion Westlake 19,500+
9 Forcepoint Not publicly disclosed Austin 2,500+
10 SolarWinds $6+ billion Austin 3,200+

Note: Texas has a dynamic tech landscape, and rankings can change based on current valuations, acquisitions, performance, and other metrics.

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