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The 15 Largest Tech Companies in Washington State

Washington State, particularly the Seattle area, has been a significant hub for tech companies. I’ll provide a list of some of the largest tech companies based in Washington. However, please note that valuations, employee numbers, and other metrics can change rapidly, especially in the tech industry. For precise, up-to-date figures on valuations and employee counts, it’s recommended to consult recent company reports or financial databases.

Here’s the list:

  1. Microsoft Corporation
  2., Inc.
  3. T-Mobile US, Inc.
  4. Expedia Group
  5. Zillow Group
  6. Tableau Software (now owned by Salesforce)
  7. F5 Networks
  8. Redfin
  9. Smartsheet
  10. DocuSign
  11. Bungie
  12. Big Fish Games
  13. Impinj
  14. Apptio
  15. Itron

Comparison table:

Rank Company Estimated Valuation (as of 2023) Location Estimated Number of Employees (as of 2023)
1 Microsoft Corporation $2+ trillion Redmond 181,000+
2, Inc. $1.5+ trillion Seattle 1,335,000+
3 T-Mobile US, Inc. $140+ billion Bellevue 75,000+
4 Expedia Group $20+ billion Seattle 25,400+
5 Zillow Group $20+ billion Seattle 5,000+
6 Tableau Software Acquired by Salesforce Seattle Acquired by Salesforce
7 F5 Networks $12+ billion Seattle 6,000+
8 Redfin $6+ billion Seattle 4,500+
9 Smartsheet $7+ billion Bellevue 1,500+
10 DocuSign $45+ billion Seattle 5,900+
11 Bungie Privately held Bellevue ~600
12 Big Fish Games Acquired by Aristocrat Seattle Acquired by Aristocrat
13 Impinj $1+ billion Seattle ~700
14 Apptio Acquired by Vista Equity Partners Bellevue Acquired by Vista Equity Partners
15 Itron $3+ billion Liberty Lake 8,000+

Note: Several companies like Tableau, Big Fish Games, and Apptio have undergone mergers or acquisitions, so their independent valuations and employee counts from before the acquisition are provided. Always consult the most recent and reliable sources for accurate information.

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