Onsale/Presale Ticketmaster Meaning

The term “onsale” in the context of Ticketmaster (or other ticket-selling platforms) refers to the specific date and time when tickets for an event become available for purchase to the general public. Prior to this “onsale” time, tickets are not available for public purchase. There are various phases or types of “onsales” that can occur:

  1. General Onsale: This is the main sale of tickets to the general public. Anyone can buy tickets during this time without any specific prerequisites.
  2. Presale: Before the general onsale, there might be presales, which are early opportunities to buy tickets. These are typically available to specific groups of people such as fan club members, credit card holders of certain companies (e.g., American Express cardholders), or people who have a specific presale code.
  3. Verified Fan Onsale: Some artists or events use a “Verified Fan” process to sell tickets. This is an attempt to ensure that tickets end up in the hands of genuine fans rather than ticket bots or scalpers. Fans need to register in advance and, if selected, receive a code that allows them to participate in the Verified Fan onsale.
  4. Resale: After the initial sales, there might be a resale of tickets, often at higher prices. This can happen on Ticketmaster’s platform itself or on other third-party platforms.

When an event’s tickets are “onsale” on Ticketmaster, it means they are now available for purchase by the general public or the specified group (in the case of presales). If you’re interested in attending an event, it’s crucial to know the onsale date and time to have a chance at securing a ticket, as popular events can sell out quickly.

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