Qwoted VS HARO, Which One is Better for SEO and Link Building

Both Qwoted and HARO (Help a Reporter Out) are platforms that connect journalists with sources, providing opportunities for individuals and companies to gain media exposure. As for which one is better for SEO and link building, it depends on various factors including your industry, the quality of your responses, and a bit of luck in getting your contributions accepted. Here’s a comparison of both services:

HARO (Help a Reporter Out)


  • Higher Volume: HARO is more well-known and has a larger user base, which means there are typically more opportunities available across a wide range of topics.
  • Greater Diversity: Due to its size, you may find a wider range of queries that cover more industries and niches.
  • Reputation: HARO is used by many reputable publications, potentially leading to links from high-authority sites.


  • Competition: With more users, there’s higher competition to be the source chosen by journalists.
  • Time-Consuming: Sifting through a large number of queries three times a day can be overwhelming and time-consuming.



  • Less Competition: Being a newer and smaller platform, you may face less competition for each query, increasing your chances of being selected.
  • Ease of Use: Some users find Qwoted’s interface more user-friendly and the queries more targeted.
  • High Quality: While it has fewer opportunities, the requests on Qwoted can often be from high-quality outlets.


  • Fewer Opportunities: There are generally fewer queries on Qwoted, which means you may receive less frequent opportunities to provide input.
  • Lesser-Known: Not as many journalists or sources may be aware of Qwoted, which could impact the diversity and number of queries.

Which One Is Better?

  • For Exposure and Volume: HARO might be better because it offers more opportunities due to its larger size and user base.
  • For Less Competition: Qwoted could be preferable if you want to avoid the intense competition found on HARO.
  • For SEO Value: Both platforms can offer significant SEO value. The quality of the backlink depends more on the individual publication and article rather than the platform itself.
  • For Relationship Building: Qwoted’s smaller size may allow for more personal interactions and relationship-building with journalists.

SEO and Link Building Strategy

For an effective SEO and link-building strategy using these platforms:

  • Be Active on Both: Use both platforms to maximize your chances of being quoted and earning backlinks.
  • Provide Quality Responses: Regardless of the platform, offering high-quality, relevant, and informative responses is crucial to being selected.
  • Follow Up: Always ask for a link back to your site if the journalist has not already agreed to include one, but do so politely and without being pushy.

Ultimately, the best platform may also depend on your specific niche and where you are more likely to find relevant queries for your expertise. It can be beneficial to start with both HARO and Qwoted to gauge which one brings better results for your particular needs. Monitoring which platform yields better quality backlinks for your site over time is the best way to decide where to focus your efforts.

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