Return Value of Cell not Formula in Excel

In Excel, if you want to get the value of a cell rather than the formula that cell contains, you have a couple of options depending on your context:

1. Direct Viewing in Excel

If you’re directly working in Excel and want to see the value of a cell (not the formula), you can simply select the cell. The value is displayed in the cell itself, while the formula bar shows the formula.

2. Using a Formula to Reference Another Cell’s Value

If you want to use the value of a cell (which is calculated by a formula) in another cell, you can reference it directly. For example, if cell A1 contains a formula, and you want to use its value in cell B1, you just write =A1 in cell B1.

3. Converting Formulas to Their Resulting Values

If you want to convert the formulas in cells to their resulting values (for instance, to prevent further recalculation or to paste this data elsewhere):

  • Select the cells with formulas.
  • Copy those cells (Ctrl + C).
  • Right-click on the selected area.
  • Choose ‘Paste Special’.
  • In the dialog box, choose ‘Values’ and click OK.

This will replace the formulas with their current values.

4. Using Excel VBA

If you are using VBA and want to get the value of a cell instead of its formula, you would reference the .Value property of the cell, not the .Formula property. For example:

Dim cellValue As Variant
cellValue = Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1").Value

This VBA code snippet will store the value of cell A1 from Sheet1 in the cellValue variable.

5. External Applications (e.g., Python, C#)

If you’re using an external application to read data from an Excel file, libraries for handling Excel files typically allow you to choose whether to fetch the value or the formula of a cell. For instance, in Python with pandas or openpyxl, when you read data from an Excel file, it will by default get the values, not the formulas.

Important Note

Values obtained from a formula are static once converted or extracted. If the formula’s input changes and you need the updated result, you would need to recalculate or re-reference the original formula cell.

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