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Sony SS-MSP2 Specifications

The Sony SS-MSP2 speakers are part of a home theater system, often accompanying Sony’s home cinema packages. Here are the general specifications for the Sony SS-MSP2 speakers:


  1. Type: Satellite speakers typically used in a surround sound setup.
  2. Speaker System: 2-way, Bass Reflex (ported) design.
  3. Drivers:
    • Woofer: Usually, they feature a small woofer (around 2.5 inches to 3 inches) for midrange frequencies.
    • Tweeter: A tweeter for high frequencies. The size and type can vary.
  4. Impedance: Often rated at 8 ohms, which is standard for home theater systems.
  5. Power Handling:
    • Maximum Input Power: They are usually rated for a modest power input, around 50 to 100 watts (RMS).
  6. Frequency Response: The frequency range typically covers from about 150 Hz to 20 kHz, which is suitable for satellite speakers in a home theater setup.
  7. Sensitivity: The sensitivity of these speakers is usually not very high, as they are designed to be driven by a standard AV receiver in a home theater system.
  8. Connectivity: These speakers connect via typical speaker wire to an AV receiver or amplifier. They usually have spring clip terminals for connection.
  9. Size and Weight:
    • Dimensions: Compact, designed for easy placement in a home theater environment.
    • Weight: Relatively light, as is typical for satellite speakers.
  10. Design:
    • Typically, they have a simple, unobtrusive design to blend in with home decor.
  11. Compatibility: Designed to work as part of a Sony home theater system but generally compatible with any AV receiver that supports 8-ohm speakers.

Additional Notes:

  • Purpose: These speakers are intended for surround sound use in a home theater setup and are not typically used as standalone speakers for music listening.
  • Sound Quality: While they provide a decent surround sound experience in a home theater, don’t expect them to match the performance of high-end standalone speakers.


  • Check the User Manual: For the exact specifications and setup recommendations, refer to the user manual of your specific Sony home theater system or the SS-MSP2 speakers.
  • Use with Compatible Systems: For optimal performance, use these speakers with a compatible Sony home theater system or an AV receiver that matches their specifications.

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