How to Do Split Screen on Chromebook

There are many methods you can try to enhance your productivity when using a Chromebook. The split-screen function represents a great example because it lets you switch between apps more conveniently. Once it’s properly set up, this feature will revolutionize the way you navigate through different windows. Split-screen setups are particularly recommended for Chromebooks because these devices tend to have small displays.

Here are the best methods to consider for splitting the screen of your Chromebook:

1. Drag and drop

Similar to Windows 10, you can drag and drop the window of an app to make it fit on a portion of the screen. You will first need to resize the window by pressing the button in the top corner. Then you can modify the dimensions of the window by dragging it around. Try dragging it until it will automatically fill half the display. You simply need to drag and drop another window to create a side-by-side look.

2. Use the maximize button

Another easy method for creating a split-screen on Chromebook involves holding the maximize button down until left and right arrows appear. These handy indicators let you create various window configurations, similarly to the classic drag and drop method. Just hold the maximize button in the top corner to move the window as needed.

3. Try keyboard shortcuts

If you want a faster method to do split-screen without requiring the mouse, there are some practical keyboard shortcuts on Chromebook that you can try. Use Alt + [ and Alt + ] key combinations to adjust the position of the window. You can do split-screen and other configurations for superior productivity when using Chromebook apps.

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