The Top 10 Torrent Sites of 2022

Top 10 Torrent Sites

Find out which are the best torrent sites

Torrent sites seem to suffer from instability issues nowadays. A classic example is ‘The Pirate Bay’ which very often disappears suddenly and reappears as if nothing’s happened. Others like the popular website simply chose to terminate all services. Despite these unfortunate events, the BitTorrent ecosystem still flourishes with more and more torrent sites trying to make names for themselves.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at those sites as well as old favorites. Torrent sites represent valuable resources for P2P users. If you want to find the best content shared through torrent files, you need to extend your browsing habits to more websites. And not just any other torrent sites, but the best providers of high-quality torrents. Finding exactly what you need is easier and more efficiently done when you know precisely where to look.

It’s also worth considering the security of torrent sites. Some such websites might not be as user-friendly to use compared to others. They can be plagued with malicious ads and sometimes the torrent files can be fake. This is why you need to be careful and only download verified files from trusted uploaders and sites with solid reputations. Here is a selection of the best torrent sites in terms of everything. Things like safety, interface, types of files found and how many torrents are indexed on the site matter. Although this list could change over time, it’s safe to say that at this time, these 10 are the best torrent sites to use.


Why restrict yourself to a single torrent site when you could browse all the popular ones at once? This is what the ones behind the ‘’ website probably had in mind when creating this torrent site. You can use its powerful search engine to find torrents in a convenient dashboard interface.

When there are no results on a particular site, no problem, just switch to another. Your chances of finding what you’re looking for will definitely rise considerably if you use this kind of meta-torrent site. It allows you to browse the most popular and trusted sites for torrents, most of which are also included in this article.

Because some sites are blocked in certain regions, this website will also allow you to use a proxy feature when searching, so you can gain access and unblock them. Another handy ability is to customize the dashboard and include other torrent sites enabling you to create the ultimate torrent downloading experience. ‘’ simplifies your torrent searches considerably so this is why it represents our number one recommendation.

2. 1337x

With a well-maintained torrent database and a very intuitive interface, 1337x became very popular in recent times. The site is organized with browsing sections to quickly find the latest games, movies, and music torrents. It’s a good choice for finding more obscure content and it scores high in terms of safety considering the dedicated group of uploaders that deliver the newest high-quality torrents.


RARBG was initially a Bulgarian tracker, but nowadays has become extremely popular due to its high-quality video specialization. It has expanded greatly and it’s currently considered one of the best torrent sites if you’re looking for high-resolution movies and other videos.

Its database is not as comprehensive as some others on this list, but the particular attention to quality makes RARBG a leading force in the world of torrent sites ever since its inception in 2008.

4. Torrentz2

When the original ‘’ site voluntarily announced its termination, a clone site quickly appeared to take its place. It was named ‘Torrentz2’ and despite a rough start initially, it has slowly become a worthy replacement. This is a meta-torrent indexer enabling users to browse multiple torrent sites simultaneously.

It’s somewhat similar to ‘’, but it doesn’t index that many sites. Still, it manages to create a much simpler interface and all the search results are in one place. The site doesn’t offer magnet links or torrent downloads itself as it will just redirect you to another torrent site that does. Overall, Torrentz2 is a handy tool for any Peer-to-Peer enthusiast.

5. The Pirate Bay

The infamous Pirate Bay will always manage to find a spot on any ‘top torrent sites’ list. It’s definitely the most popular and resilient torrent site out there. The fact that it’s found in the middle of this list can be explained quite easily. It’s still a good torrent site, but not the best.

The Pirate Bay is a classic with its simple and efficient interface, but there are some issues to consider. The site is often offline and unreachable from certain regions and sometimes even when it seems to be alive and well it works slower than other sites.

There are users who profit from the popularity of the site to spread malware through fake torrents, so you need to be extra careful when browsing. It’s strongly recommended to choose only torrents from trusted and verified uploaders. They usually have green or pink colored skulls next to their usernames. While it does have some flaws, The Pirate Bay has many old and new torrents and can definitely cover your needs.

6. RuTracker

A very underrated site for downloading torrents is RuTracker, a Russian website that boasts a very organized selection of high-quality files. It has some slight drawbacks because you will need to register an account to use it properly and there’s also the problem of everything being in Russian. With the help of Google Translate for web pages that can be solved though.

One thing that makes this torrent site stand out is the way it’s organized and managed like a private tracker. The site is public and yet the uploading requirements are very strict. There are moderators that verify the uploads and overall the site has very high standards. It doesn’t just allow anything like The Pirate Bay.

RuTracker is particularly great when it comes to music. You can find more obscure stuff and browse through genres with ease to seek out the newest releases. All in all, RuTracker deserves more recognition, especially if you’re looking for FLAC music and other high-quality torrents. It gives off a feeling of community as it also has a very active forum (unfortunately only Russian speakers are allowed).

7. Zooqle

Zooqle is a relatively new torrent site which was brought to life with the idea of bringing together the latest releases in the world of film and TV shows. Nowadays it started to branch out into other types of torrent files, so you’re able to find games, music, applications, books, and others.

This website is particularly dedicated for cinema fans who like to stay up to date with the newest TV releases. You can create an account for this purpose as the site allows you to subscribe to your favorite shows and get RSS feeds. Finding movies in the right quality per size ratio is a breeze too as the site is nicely organized in that regard.

With over 3 million verified torrents, Zooqle keeps ascending in popularity. It has great potential as a torrent website so this is why it was included in this list.

8. iDope

Another recent arrival on the torrent scene is iDope which has managed to increase its audience quite a lot ever since it appeared in 2016. This torrent search engine was initially created when the highly popular Kickass Torrents website has been closed.

It didn’t manage so far to attain that level of popularity, but the library of indexed torrents is quite varied and there’s a distinct lack of annoying pop-ups and ads you often see on similar sites. Besides the capable search tool, the site also has two easily-accessible sections for the most popular and recent torrents currently available. iDope works well and is safe to use. It can be said it makes a decent Kickass Torrents alternative.

9. Limetorrents

Although Limetorrents has an established reputation in the torrent business, it managed to stay under the radar for many P2P users so far. In this list, it manages to gain an honorable spot considering what a nice interface it has and thanks to its large collection of torrent files.

Whether it’s games, TV shows or applications, this is a powerful website that you should definitely not overlook. You can make an account on the site to gain access to some additional benefits. If you’re unsure what to watch or download next, there are helpful top and latest torrents sections.


The last torrent site worth mentioning is which represents the continuation of the fallen anime torrent site Nyaa that went permanently down in 2017. Although the website is obviously geared towards anime fans as it provides exclusive content for them, its rising popularity makes it one of the best torrent sites out there. is a highly comprehensive website offering all kinds of anime content including TV shows, movies, music, games, and more. It will take some more time to reach the status of a full Nyaa replacement, but all in all, represents an invaluable resource for some. This niche site is recommended considering how it receives constant updates.

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