What Are Some Chromebook Tricks?

Here are some useful Chromebook tips to enhance productivity and user experience:

  1. Universal Search: Use the Chrome OS launcher as a powerful search tool. Simply start typing in the launcher to find apps, websites, or get specific answers.
  2. Hidden Launcher Features: The launcher can perform calculations and unit conversions.
  3. Google Assistant: Access Google Assistant through the launcher for various tasks like creating documents or checking agendas.
  4. Gesture Navigation: Utilize touchpad and screen gestures for navigation and accessing features.
  5. Autohide Shelf: You can set the shelf to autohide for a cleaner interface.
  6. Quick App Access: Use Alt + number key shortcuts to open apps on the shelf quickly.
  7. App Shortcuts: Right-click apps for program-specific shortcuts.
  8. Overview Interface: Manage open apps and windows efficiently with the Overview interface, accessible through keyboard or trackpad gestures.
  9. Split-Screen in Tablet Mode: Utilize split-screen for multitasking in tablet mode.
  10. Virtual Desks: Organize work using Virtual Desks for better multitasking.
  11. Emoji and Handwriting Input: Access emojis easily and use handwriting input for text.
  12. Voice-to-Text: Use the built-in microphone for voice-to-text dictation.
  13. Clipboard History: View and use your clipboard history with a simple keyboard shortcut.
  14. App and Window Management Shortcuts: Learn keyboard shortcuts for managing apps and windows, like snapping them to the side of the screen or maximizing/minimizing them.

These tips can significantly improve your efficiency and enjoyment while using a Chromebook​​.

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