What Does Mario Say in Japanese?

In the Japanese versions of the “Super Mario” series, Mario, voiced by Charles Martinet just like in the English versions, uses several iconic phrases. Some of these are the same or similar to the English versions, while others are unique to the Japanese versions. Here are a few examples:

“It’s-a me, Mario!”: This iconic phrase is used in both English and Japanese versions. In Japanese, it’s pronounced similarly: 「イッツァ ミー、マリオ!」(Ittsa mī, Mario!).

“Mamma Mia!”: Another phrase that’s the same in both versions. It’s an Italian exclamation of surprise or distress, fitting Mario’s Italian character.

“Here we go!”: Often said when Mario jumps or starts a level. In Japanese, it’s 「レッツゴー!」(Rettsu gō!), which translates to “Let’s go!”

“Yahoo!”: Mario exclaims this during jumps and other actions. It’s the same in both English and Japanese.

“Oh no!”: When Mario fails or loses a life. It’s similar in Japanese, sometimes pronounced as 「あーあ」(Ā ā), an expression of disappointment or frustration.

Mario’s voice lines are designed to be simple, catchy, and easily recognizable, contributing to his character’s universal appeal. The consistency in his catchphrases across different language versions helps maintain his iconic status worldwide.

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