Who Has a Crush on Luffy?

In the “One Piece” anime and manga series, several characters have shown signs of having a crush on the main character, Monkey D. Luffy, although Luffy himself remains largely oblivious to these romantic interests due to his single-minded focus on adventure and becoming the Pirate King. Here are a few characters known to have shown a certain level of affection or interest in Luffy:

  1. Boa Hancock: The most notable character with a crush on Luffy is Boa Hancock, the Pirate Empress. She falls deeply in love with Luffy during the Amazon Lily arc. Her feelings are quite overt and a significant part of her character development in the series.
  2. Alvida: Alvida, post-transformation, after eating the Sube Sube no Mi, seems to develop a kind of admiration for Luffy, although it’s not as explicitly romantic as Hancock’s affection.
  3. Nami and Robin: While not explicit or central to the plot, some fans interpret Nami’s and Robin’s interactions with Luffy as having subtle hints of affection. However, these are more fan interpretations rather than clear indications from the series itself.
  4. Rebecca: In the Dressrosa arc, Rebecca shows admiration and gratitude towards Luffy, but it’s more of a deep respect and thankfulness rather than a romantic interest.

It’s important to note that “One Piece” primarily focuses on adventure and the characters’ quests rather than romantic relationships. Most of the interactions that might be seen as romantic are often played for comedic effect, especially in the case of Boa Hancock. Luffy’s reaction to these feelings tends to be one of confusion or ignorance, as he is more focused on his goals and friendships.

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